Simple Living by Linda Österlund

Blogi kuva 2 10062020

By decluttering my apartment and being financially disciplined I have been able to achieve my goals. Living a frugal life, being organized and self-disciplined are key elements in carrying through my plans to completion.

I find minimalism and simple living interesting, because it is challenging to come up with new ideas how to live with less without letting it affect how satisfied you are with your life.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you find my methods and ideas useful!

Since the late 1990’s I have been working with accounting, auditing and banking & finance. Recently I decided to refresh my skills and expand my knowledge. I currently hold a Master’s Degree in Accounting, a Master’s Degree in Technology, and a Paramedic-Registered Nurse degree. Now I am able to work in several different fields and gain even more knowledge. I am also able to enhance my daily routines and personal finances based on everything I have learned so far. I invest in lifelong learning and continuous improvement and development.

In my free time I do sports and study foreign languages. As a mentor I have done volunteer work to help an immigrant to improve her language skills in her new country and I have helped a student to organize his studies.