Merino Wool Clothes – Less Laundry

One of the most time consuming household tasks, at least in a family with kids, is doing the laundry. It not only takes time, but it also requires water and energy. As I have been experimenting on how to save time (and money) by reducing the number of tasks or improving processes related to activities that don’t make me happier (and I don’t love doing the laundry!!), I came to a conclusion regarding the laundry.

A couple of months ago I bought my first shirt made out of merino wool. The merino shirt has been a success!  My skin is quite sensitive and I can’t normally use clothes made out of wool. But the merino products are not itchy! At first it was difficult to believe that the shirt doesn’t smell after sweating and I was really doubtful about the usefulness of the product. If I use the merino shirt daily, during normal activities (not sports) I can wear it for a week before it needs to be washed! I sweat quite a lot during the day and the shirt really keeps what it promises.


Merino wool is odour-free, machine washable and it most certainly reduces the laundry pile. There is quite a variety of different merino products on the market: socks, pants, underwear, dresses and blankets. It is not only time saving, but when using the washing machine less I am also able to save water and energy. It’s really an ecological product. My next idea is to form a small capsule wardrobe consisting of only a couple of merino items….

Merino clothing could also be useful for those who are travelling and are thinking of ways to manage with a smaller suitcase or backpack. I can’t think of any reasons why merino clothing couldn’t serve as a pajamas as well.

Ps. If you buy any merino products, make sure they are mulesing-free.

The procedure called mulesing means that skin is removed from the area of the buttocks of the sheep in order to prevent fly strike, i.e. keep the sheep free from insects. It’s a cruel procedure for the sheep. There are other ways to keep the sheep safe from insects. Please consider this aspect and buy only non-mulesed wool!