How to Roll up a Futon Alone

Futon mattresses are usually heavy and difficult to move alone. In this example I’ve used a futon that’s 140*200 cm. Here’s how you can roll up your futon alone:

(1) Buy two cargo straps and place them next to your futon where you can reach them when you’ve finished rolling up the futon.

1 Strap

2 Strap

(2) Fold the mattress once.

3 Fold

(3) Start rolling the futon. Use your knee to prevent the futon from unfolding.

4 Roll

(4) Place the cargo straps around the futon.

5 Place straps

(5) Ready.

6 Rolled ready.jpeg

(6) Now you can move the futon alone, by carrying it from the cargo straps.

7 Carry alone