Financial Independence and Early Retirement – Another Point of View

Is your goal to reach financial independence and be able to retire early – or even extremely early? This blog is not about saving money and investing it in dividend paying index funds, because there are certainly better blogs already about this topic (e.g. Mr. Money Mustache, Early Retirement Extreme).

Instead I would like to introduce another point of view. It might sound like a difficult project to get enough money saved and invested in some funds which pay enough dividends that you will be able to live on. And if you haven’t tried what it means not going to work every day you might be trying to reach the wrong goal. Not going to work may sound like an easy life, but sooner or later you realize that most people you know are working hard all day long and you don’t have a social life sitting home alone. Either you like to sleep and read books all day long by yourself or have a very time consuming hobby that takes most of your time – otherwise you might get bored very quickly.

Take a longer time off from work (not during summer or any other holiday season) to find out if it is the right choice for you. Or start thinking about semi-retirement, where you have a part-time job (e.g. two days a week) but still enough time to do whatever you want. It does not take years or decades of extreme money saving or an extremely frugal lifestyle to be able to be semi-retired or to take mini-retirements or several sabbaticals.