Decluttering the Bathroom

Perhaps the most obvious areas that are easily cluttered every day are the kitchen counter tops and the living room. If you have kids, their toys and drawings may need your attention as well. If you want to do decluttering but don’t know where to start, or the work seems overwhelming, consider other areas than the most obvious ones. One of them is the bathroom:

How many types of different toothpastes do you need? Why do so many women use make-up? Can the whole family use just one type of shampoo? Have you ever thought about how much the different bottles and cosmetic jars cost? Are they really necessary?

Here is an example of what a decluttered toilet cabinet looks like. It’s easy and fast to clean both inside and outside. With one glance you know where everything is placed.

Peilikaappi kiinni


Peilikaappi auki


And a shower for a minimalist family:



Suihkun purnukat

My bathroom is tiny (2 meters x 1.45 meters or 6.6 ft x 4.8 ft), but there is enough space for everything: a toilet seat, sink, shower and washing machine. And this is the only bathroom our family has!