Kids Don’t Need New Backpacks Every Year for School

Children usually want a lot of things. One request every year before school starts is to buy a new backpack. Every year? A new one? What’s wrong with the old one? Nothing’s wrong with the old backpack, but “everyone” seems to be buying a new one, so I want one too.

Choose a Durable Backpack

No. If there’s nothing wrong with the old backpack, the kid isn’t getting a new one. My kids have already been using the same backpacks for about five years now. The Fjällräven backpacks we bought cost about 100 euros each and they are made of durable material and are thus long-lasting. These can still be used for many more years and there will be no money spent on new backpacks, just because it’s the latest fashion to buy a certain type of backpack.


One Backpack for Everything

The same backpack can be used in the evenings or during the weekends for other purposes. It doesn’t require much effort to empty the backpack and put the books and pencils on a desk or shelf and use the same backpack to pack a swimsuit and towel or clothes and a toothbrush if the kid is having a sleepover at a friend’s house. By using the same backpack for different purposes it’s possible to save space, not having the closets filled with all kinds of backpacks and bags for school, hobbies, work and travel.