Who Needs More Than Two Pairs of Socks?


Some time ago I read an article about a Japanese guy who lived in an extremely minimalist apartment. He hardly owned any furniture or kitchen appliances. His wardrobe didn’t contain many pieces of clothing. At this point I was thinking yes, one could sleep on a mattress and only own one chair – but, did this guy do laundry every day because he only owned two or three pairs of socks? The article didn’t say if he had a washing machine (I doubt he did). Or maybe he just didn’t care if his feet smelled…?

Some months later I realized it is in fact possible to own only two pairs of socks, not doing laundry every, or every other day, and the socks don’t smell. I was buying new socks and decided to give merino socks a try. I have lately changed most of my shirts to merino wool shirts, as they don’t smell and they need to be washed very seldom.

I used to change socks every day (because of the sweat/smell, as well as shirts), but now I wear the same pair of socks for a week, or sometimes even for two weeks! They neither smell nor feel ugly. If I apply this tactic to the rest of my wardrobe I think my wardrobe becomes as minimalist as the one of this Japanese guy!

How many clothes does one really need? At the same time I save money by using less electricity and water as I’m not using the washing machine as often as it used to. I also need less detergent, as there is not much laundry to do. But I still own more forks, knives and spoons than this guy. And furniture. Maybe there is some logic behind this that I have not yet understood.

Sukat 2
Simple Living. Owning only two pairs of socks.