New Year’s Resolutions – Are You Willing to Make Changes?

To make New Year’s promises is a common tradition. But are we fooling ourselves by making promises we will not keep? Why would a promise at the beginning of a year lead to results if we have not been able to achieve results already during the previous years? I think many people tend to forget that in order for something to happen, i.e. change to be made, you have to change your routines and start doing things differently. Many people I have talked to dream of a clean and decluttered house as well as a better financial situation. But when it comes to making changes to the current situation, it becomes evident that there will be no change. It is just talk and some nice words. Or “I just can’t do it at this particular moment”.

So I think the first New Year’s promise should be to give a thought to one’s willingness to change things if results should be achieved. Am I ready to go to the gym twice a week from now on? Is it just what I think should be done and my conscience is clear if I list it as a New Year’s resolution? There is a very small chance that hoping and dreaming will change anything. Action needs to be taken for things to change. Think of a company’s strategy. What action must be taken when striving to achieve the objectives? The daily routines of the staff must involve activities that are helpful in achieving the goals. If you make promises about goals and targets, what do you do daily in order to achieve them? Example: My goal is to have a clean and tidy home every day. If the daily routines don’t include cleaning and tidying up after every meal, not leaving clothes on the floor and the sofa, this goal will never be possible to achieve. Then once again before Christmas and before birthday parties there is a feeling of panic and a huge cleaning project ahead. Nothing has changed. The start is usually the most difficult part. When you have done it enough times it becomes a routine and it is a lot easier.

So don’t promise yourself things that will never happen. The only result of that will be disappointment and a feeling of failure. Promise things you will in fact do and start working on them immediately! It is very rewarding to see the results!