A Quick Guide to Efficient Decluttering

Generally speaking for anyone who wants to declutter I would recommend the following:

  • Anything you want to get rid of, get it out of your house now! Don’t put stuff in bags waiting for the right moment you have time arrange a garage sale. Just get rid of it ASAP!
  • Only try to sell stuff you can get some money from, like a sofa. A euro or a dollar here and there for a shirt or two isn’t worth it.
  • Don’t take anything only because you can get it for free.
  • Don’t go to shops (or online shops) if you don’t need anything. Once you have entered a shop there will always be something you think you “need” (i.e. want, not need).
  • Let go of sentimental items. How often do you use them anyway? A friend comes over for coffee – are you going to look at some photos from you childhood? No.
  • Have less storage space in your house, get rid of wardrobes, shelves and closets. Only save the items you really need, they will still fit into this minimalist storage system.
  • The more space you have on counter tops, desks or shelves, the more clutter will pile up on them. Get rid of these clutter zones! How many tables do you need? One? Two?