I Guess I Can Call This a Minimalist Wardrobe

I’m not sure exactly how many pieces of clothing I own, but I don’t find it very interesting as I know it’s not that many. What makes things more challenging with a minimalist or capsule wardrobe is that in my country we have four seasons with large variations in temperature.

How To Achieve A Minimalist Closet?

Merino wool was the key to reduce the number of clothes I own. It’s possible to wear the clothes made of merino wool for days or weeks and they don’t smell or feel dirty. As I no longer have an office job that would require a certain outfit, like wearing a suit, it made things even simpler. I don’t own any dress just-in-case-of-a-cocktail-party, because I know it’s very unlikely that I would go to any such party in the near future.

My wardrobe consists of this:

  • I have most of my shirts, jackets and pants on hangers
  • Contents of Basket No 1: underwear and socks
  • Contents of Basket No 2: sports outfit, pajamas & random
My minimalist wardrobe. Shirts, pants and jackets on hangers. Two baskets with other stuff: underwear etc.
Hanger for pants I got from Ikea, saves space.

I haven’t used any specific decluttering method to organize my wardrobe. I have read the KonMari book and I think her ideas are fantastic. But in my situation there is no need to fold the clothes according to the KonMari method – there simply isn’t anything left to fold!