Some Things to Consider Before Buying a Futon Mattress

There are many different materials a futon can be made of. Some of the mattresses are thicker, some are thinner. I wouldn’t recommend to buy one before trying it in a shop. If you want to roll up the futon during the day, some materials are easier to roll than others. The futon I have is quite thick and it’s made of cotton and foam. This combination of materials should make it fairly easy to roll up the futon.

If the futon is used directly on the floor without a bed frame and you want to roll it up during daytime, the main thing is to have a futon that is both comfortable but also possible to roll and move to the place where you want to keep it. If you are using the futon in a bed frame it can be difficult to get the futon out of the bed frame alone. The rolling part is not so difficult, but getting a good grip and being able to get it out of the bed frame can be more challenging. Futons are heavy.

The downside of sleeping on a futon directly on the floor is that even if it saves space during the day when it’s rolled up, the futon itself is so big it hardly fits into any normal closet. Even if the floor is vacuumed regularly there will be some dust, which means that the sheets are dustier compared to the situation where the mattress is in a bed frame. It’s not recommended to leave the futon on the floor for a longer period of time as a lack of air circulation can lead to issues with mold. For those who are suffering from hay-fever it could be useful to check what kind of material the tatami is made of when considering to buy one. It the futon doesn’t fit into a closet and must be left somewhere in the room for the day there’s also a chance it’s collecting even more dust. The blankets, sheets and pillows also need to be put somewhere during the day and they take more space than expected. The pillows and blankets should be covered with something to avoid dust.

The futon I now have is the best bed I’ve ever had. I would still like to have the futon placed directly on the floor without a bed frame, but lately I’ve been concerned about the dust. And it’s not easy to “hide” the futon somewhere during the day. It looks like a weird decoration in the living room…

Modern design in the living room!
How can you fit anything like this into a normal closet?